Here at the BioPhysics Lab, we are committed to ongoing education. This takes many forms, including:

Paid Undergraduate Research Opportunities

We currently support one part time Undergraduate Researcher as a paid student. This year's student, Aisha Habib, came to us through our Riverside Community College program. This program gives Aisha the opportunity to spend time actively working on the implementation of Dr. Mills' model of DNA Computation by implementing such necessary procedures as PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) and Gel Electrophoresis.

Unpaid Undergraduate Research Opportunities

In addition to our paid research opportunities, we currently offer a few unpaid positions. These positions allow Undergraduates to work in a real lab environment, gaining valuable work experience into research methods and procedures, as well as exposure to current open questions in the BioPhysics field.

Riverside Community College Program

At Dr. Mills' BioPhysics lab, we also frequently have the chance to help the educational community at the Community College level. In addition to our 4 year students hired from UCR, we sometimes have openings for students from Riverside Community College to join us. This gives 2 year college students better preparation for their future careers, as well as exposure to the lab environment at a 4 year University.

High School Outreach Program

We offer an annual in-service training programs for a small group (8 - 10) of High School students and their teachers. This involves a 2 week intensive, with students and teachers spending time daily in the lab, learning about our project and lab procedures.